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best toddler bed

Being there for your little one every single hour of the day and night is what characterizes good parenthood. You want your little ones to grow happy and healthy, and so you want them by your side wherever you go. But a time comes when your baby has to transcend to his or her crib or cot giving them some independence that will follow them into toddler stage.

When your baby is ready to transition, he/she will need their bed, and that where the choice and decision gets a bit tricky- you end up with so many options-from twin sleepers to cot conversions to full sized beds. Here at Prices in Kenya, we will share with you some of the factors you should consider before choosing the best toddler bed.

It should be lower to the ground

The best toddler bed that is lower to the ground will help your little one to get in and out of bed quickly. It will also reduce the chance of severe injuries if your child falls. Additionally, if you are concerned that your child will fall even when they have a lowly placed toddler bed, it’s recommended that you place a cushion on the floor. You can also place a stool next to your child if they need a bit of help getting off and on the mattress.

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A frame with safe design

If the frame is made of metal or wood, it’s important you buy one with round edges. Additionally, there should be no sharp nails exposed or spaces between the bed frame where you child might slip his or her finger.

Are there toxic paints or finishes?

Some paint contains a chemical that could cause allergic reactions or could be harmful to your child’s health. Children tend to chew and stick almost everything in their way on their mouth. Toxic paints (some contain) could result to lead poisoning which attacks red blood cells.

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When choosing a mattress for the toddler bed, you should buy one that will fit the bed frame. We prefer crib sized mattress. Again the mattress should also be fire retardant. It is also essential to buy a firm mattress so that your little toddler doesn’t sink which can cause suffocation.

Consumer Safety Ratings

When buying the best toddler bed for your child, it’s important to look for Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification. This certification is a confirmation that the toddler bed has passed the required standards and safety regulations. (




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