Today Android is one of the world’s most customizable mobile platforms. Rooting an Android phone allows you to have the access to the root directories of your mobile device. Manufacturers often keep these root directories off limit from the user so that files are not accidentally deleted or so that one does not brick his/her android phone. Below are the main reasons why you should root your android phone using one click root Android App


  1. The main reasons why you should root your mobile phone is to flash a custom Kernel. Your phone uses Kernel to communicate with other apps. Some kernels are better than others regarding performance and battery life and other features.
  2. Rooting an android phone allows one to get rid of annoying ads which keeps popping up when on the internet or when using free apps. The Ads can be stopped by the installation of Ad Block Plus which can only be installed on rooted Android
  3. Rooting allow one to load apps on the SD card, by doing this, one is capable of saving the device inbuilt storage and increasing the performance of the Android
  4. Rooting also will allow you to make complete backup of your data; this is achieved by the use of titanium backup
  5. Rooting allows full customization of your android device. One can completely change the skin provided by the manufacturer. Common ones are OmniROM, Paranoid, Cyanogenmod.
  6. By rooting an android phone one is able of accessing more apps from the play store which requires root access, such as Tasker, again one can set the frequency at which the phone will operate therefore improving the battery life.

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  1. First download the One Click Root Android application and install it on your PC or Mac.
  2. The second step is to connect your Android device to your computer using a standard USB cable
  3. On your device enable the USB Debugging mode, you can locate this by accessing “Settings” on your device, then open “Developer Options” and then enable USB debugging.
  4. Once done with the above steps, run the One Click Root Android and the software should be able to complete the remaining steps.
  5. You have successfully rooted your device.

This method works with major other apps such as Kingo ROOT