KPLC PayBill Number

This is the process of using your mobile phone and the paybill options number to pay the your prepaid or post paid electricity bill in Kenya. Kenya Power and Lighting Company customers can use PayBill number 888880 to buy tokens for their Kenya Power prepaid meters.

With more than 2.6 million consumers in Kenya relying on Kenya Power energy. Paying KPLC bill by mobile phone is fast, secure and convenient. It’s also cheaper because the only costs are the Mpesa rates. KP operates and owns the majority of the Kenyan electricity transmission and distribution network.

To ensure sufficient transmission and power consumption, KPLC recommends using the M-pesa PayBill number for KPLC prepaid meters when paying for a token. Kenya Power  customers can also use their mobile phone to check the KPLC bill.

It’s important to learn how to pay the Kenya Power bill using the Mpesa payment number from the comfort of your own home. This is because most new buildings, especially rental properties in larger cities, use prepaid meters. To use the KPLC payment number for the KPLC prepaid electricity meter number:


How to Buy Kenya Power Tokens Via Safaricom-Mpesa

1.. Access your Safaricom menu, and then select M-PESA.

2. Choose Lipa na M-PESA, then Pay Bill

3. The Pay bill number for KPLC prepaid meters is 888880.

4. Next, Key in your full KPLC prepaid meter number. This is your KPLC account number.

5. Next, the amount to pay should be between 100 Kshs and 35,000 Kshs. Enter the amount and hit OK

6. M-PESA asks you for your M-Pesa PIN. Enter your PIN.

7. Confirm that you have entered correct details before pressing OK button

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What’s next?

You should receive a text message from Kenya Power with the following details:

  • The total amount of cash you have paid for your Kenya power prepaid meter, and the date of payment.
  • The tokens you have bought.
  • You will also receive a unique code (20digits long). Enter this code into your Kenya power prepaid meter and then press OK button.


Paying your Electricity Bill with M-Pesa (Safaricom)- Post Paid Kenya Power Customer

1.. Select “Pay Bill” from the M-Pesa menu.

2. Enter the Kenya Power business number 888 888.

3.Enter your new Kenya Power account number e.g. 123456.

4. Enter the amount you wish to pay which should be between Shs. 100 and  Shs.35,000.

5. Enter your M-Pesa PIN

6. Confirm that all details are correct.

7. You will receive a confirmation of the transaction via SMS.