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Nokia- Kenya-Smartphones in Kenya-  This category is also about Nokia phones in Kenya- Latest Nokia mobile phones in Kenya, features, design, specs, price and where you can buy in Kenya. Nokia Kenya- In this page we have reviewed best Nokia mobile from the budget models to the high end premium models.

What’s included in our reviews for Nokia Kenya smartphones:

  • We give an overview of the phone, when it was released in the market, and also inform you of other related models.
  • We also look at the design and display, performance, hardware and software, camera, whether the camera give good quality photographs (selfies or welfies), we also check on the battery, give our verdict on where you can buy any of the Infinix smartphones.
  • We also have included YouTube videos that offer detailed reviews for each product.
  • At the end of each review, there is a “See it on Jumia” button- upon clicking that button you will be directed to Jumia webpage so that you can make a purchase or see the price
We recommend buying Nokia smartphones from Jumia Kenya. This is because Jumia trades quality products, and when you order online the product is delivered to your doorstep.

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Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 Specifications and Price in Kenya

Nokia 3310 Specifications Review Nokia 3310 (2017 Model) was launched globally in February 2017.  The smartphone is a similar model to the Analogue Nokia model. The mobile phone boasts 2.40inch display and...
nokia 8 sirocco

Nokia 8 Sirocco Specifications, Design and Price in Kenya

Nokia 8 Sirocco Specifications Review Nokia 8 Sirocco is Nokia's latest flagship smartphone, unveiled at the Mobile Week Congress 2018, featuring a 5.3-inch OL OLED screen with an impressive 1440-pixel x 2560-pixel...
nokia 7

Nokia 7 Specifications, Design and Price in Kenya

Nokia 7 Specs Review Nokia 7 is one of the new additions to the Nokia smartphone line. This phone was introduced with the Nokia 2, a few months after the launch of...
nokia 1

Nokia 1 Specifications, Design and Price in Kenya

Nokia 1 Specifications Review Nokia 1, the first HMD Global smartphone with Android Go, is a budget device with entry-level specifications. Since Android Go is a light operating system, this phone works...
nokia 2

Nokia 2 Specifications, Design and Price in Kenya

Nokia 2 specifications review Nokia 2 is the latest business phone from HMD Global. Introduced in November, this device has many great features that make it one of the best cheap smartphones...
nokia 3

Nokia 3 Specifications, Design and Price in Kenya

Nokia 3 Specifications Review Nokia 3 is one of the new and affordable Android phones from Nokia. Nokia was once the most important mobile phone company in Kenya.  Fortunately, Nokia fans have...
nokia 6

Nokia 6 Specifications, Design and Price in Kenya

Nokia 6 specifications review Nokia 6 is the best of 3 Nokia Android phones launched at the same time in Kenya. It comes with a Full High Definition screen, has outstanding performance...
Nokia Lumia 735

Nokia Lumia 735 Specifications and Price in Kenya

Nokia Lumia 735 Specifications Review Nokia Lumia 735 is one of the last model smartphone from Nokia before Microsoft bought Nokia Phone Division in 2015. The Smartphone weighs 134grams, a 4.7 inches...
nokia 8

Nokia 8 Specs, Design and Price in Kenya

Nokia 8 smartphone is the first flagship from HMD Global that operates on Android and boasts a wide array of features that set it apart from the competition and it is...