nokia 8

Nokia 8 smartphone is the first flagship from HMD Global that operates on Android and boasts a wide array of features that set it apart from the competition and it is a great option for you if you find the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S9 too expensive.

Nokia has put a lot of emphasis on cameras. In this write up you will find the best price for Nokia 8 in Kenya and everything you need to know about it.

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The camera of the Nokia 8 is one feature that differentiates it from other “normal smartphones. This phone comes with a dual-camera Zeiss 13 megapixel rear camera

  • One is a standard RMP 13MP RGB sensor and the other is a monochromatic f / 2.0 13MP s

Both cameras work together to create brilliant images with many details and eye-catching colors.

Another fascinating feature of the Nokia 8 is known as “Boothie”- the ability to capture images with the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

Both pictures are arranged in a frame. This is a great addition that can be very useful in live broadcasts from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Hardware, Software and Performance

The Nokia 8 features a very good performance profile and its performance data matches those of other popular flagships such as Tecno, Oppo, Samsung, and IPhone among many others.

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The smartphone is powered by a 2.45GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 835-processor with 4GB of RAM, a feature considered to be the recipe for first-class performance. This hardware layout makes this phone very powerful and hence makes the mobile phone capable of handling the most demanding tasks. In addition, the Nokia 8 uses advanced cooling technology. It uses graphite and a liquid cooled copper tube to distribute the evenly generated heat. With this smartphone you can run heavy applications for a long time without major heating problems.

nokia 8

This smartphone offers 64 GB of internal storage space. There is an SD card slot that allows you to expand storage up to 256GB.

This phone is leading Android v7.1.1 from the first moment. You get a clean Android experience, as no additional customizations are made. Without bloatware! This means that you can get updates faster and faster. The update to Android O will be fast.



Nokia 8 is powered by a non-removable 3090mAh battery and supports fast loading – Quick Charge 3.0.


Display and Design

Before this smartphone hit the market, Nokia had already brought Nokia 3, 5 and 6 to Kenya. As already mentioned, this is the first flagship product. This phone has the features that we have seen in modern flagship smartphones, but it follows the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 design concepts.

The Nokia 8 is a sleek and attractive phone with a completely aluminum design. Its average thickness is 7.3 mm: the thickest and thinnest areas are respectively 7.9 mm and 4.6 mm. This phone offers 4 color options: matte blue, matte silver, polished copper and polished blue. The color is on the back of the device.

The Smartphone comes with a 5.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 pixels to 2560 pixels. It is a very bright, clear, clear and clear screen. The recessed start button works like a fingerprint scanner. This is an advantage for people who prefer fingerprint scanners on the front. Unfortunately, it is not waterproof like most competitors smartphones. The Nokia 8 is only splash-proof (IP54 protection).

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