How to Check Mpesa PayBill Charges

mpesa paybill charges

Mpesa PayBill Charges: The costs of Lipa na Mpesa are different from those of Safaricom Mpesa and other transaction fees associated with M-pesa. Retailers increase the efficiency of their business and secure transactions with Lipa na Mpesa.

You can use the service to pay between 10 and 70,000 Ksh.

Most companies in Kenya have the option to pay with Safaricom M-pesa. Use Lipa na Mpesa to pay the cost of accommodation, tuition, Orange Internet, buy KPLC electricity brands, pay Nairobi water bills, etc.

In general, the fees of Lipa na mpesa are very low. Most people do not bother to check the fees first! If you have ever wondered how much a Lipa na Mpesa transaction would cost you should check the following:

Mpesa PayBill Charges Procedure
This procedure for obtaining Lipa Na Mpesa fees applies to all M-Pesa transactions in Kenya using the Lipa Na M-PESA phone number with the “Buy goods” option:
1. Select * 234 #
2. Then select 2 for the tarrif nquiry
3. Answer 5 for Lipa na M-PESA
4. Enter the PayBill number

  1. Enter the amount
  2. You will receive an SMS notification telling you how much it would cost to pay this amount at this Mpesa- pay-bill number.