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Folding beds are quite helpful especially when you have a family visit or guests coming over to your house. Having a rollaway bed can save you all the hassles of having to find the ideal place for your visitors to sleep. The advantages of a folding bed are that it’s so easy to setup and as comfortable as a standard bed. But did you know that buying a folding bed can be a daunting task especially if you have never bought one before? You might get overwhelmed by the varieties of rollaway beds that are available on the market today.

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Before examining the factors that you should consider before buying a folding bed, let’s first look at the advantages of a folding bed in your house:

Benefits of a folding bed

  • They are cheaper compared to standard beds.
  • They are a lifesaver especially when your kids invite their friend over for a sleepover.
  • A rollaway bed can be easily packed away for ease of storage
  • The portable wheels make it easier to move a folding bed around

What to consider before buying a rollaway bed


If you lack space or rather prefer having more space in your house, then you probably need a folding bed that can be easily stacked away. So you will need a bed that when folded can be stored in small spaces such as closets or under the bed. The only downside is that some folding beds have a thin mattress that tends to be uncomfortable. But you can easily balance between the two.


Rollaway beds are easy to fold because they are made of foam material. But not all mattresses made of foam are of good quality. Some have a mixture of regular foam and memory foam and are sold at different price tags.

When buying the best folding bed mattress, it’s important that you have to pay very close attention to its size and thickness. A thicker mattress will be more comfortable compared to a thin mattress. Even though there are cheap rollaway beds, you should never compromise on quality.

Bed Size

People tend to buy folding beds because they are easy to fold. Folding beds are either smaller or twin sized. Before buying it’s important to consider that it is sufficient and can accommodate tall individuals and people of varying weights. It’s important to check the measurements of the rollaway bed you are interested in buying.

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Some folding beds weigh something between 26 pounds and others weigh as heavy as 70 pounds. Make sure that you check the weight of the folding bed that you intend to buy and ask yourself these questions: How heavy is the bed? Will I move it around often?

Buying a folding bed doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore. If you consider the above tips- you will get a bed that’s ideal for your sleepover guests.


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