Armco‘s 5kg AWM-TT550P Twin-Tub is one of the best washing machine in Kenya. This washing machine reduces the time it takes to wash clothes. With its mega capacity drum, you can now have a king size duvet and a full set of linens in one boot.

Key Features
  • 5 Kg Twin Tub
  • Pump
  • Magic Filter
  • Air Dry Function

Why the ARMCO Twin Washing Machine

Twin Washing Machine technology saves up to 20 minutes on larger loads while providing excellent cleaning performance. This washer features a charged cleaning technology that virtually eliminates dirt and wrinkles for deeper and deeper cleaning. This will allow your detergents to penetrate deeper into the tissue. This washer can remove stains from any fabric in the shortest possible time.


The twin tub washing machine offers enough space for a king size duvet and a full set of linens, all in a charge. With ways to reduce wrinkles, smells and reduces the need for ironing. The spin cycle effectively eliminates stains without putting them in the washing machine. This dryer makes every job easier. In addition, the sensor of the drying system detects the moisture content in the fabric and adjusts the drying time and temperature automatically.

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ARMCO Twin Tub Washing Machine Price in Kenya

You can buy ARMCO Twin Tub washing machine in Kenya from Armco Kenya ltd Nairobi or from Jumia, Kenya’s leading online store. See respective prices below.